In 1996, a group of devoted citizens, who had a long-standing commitment to education, organized the Muscogee Educational Excellence Foundation. Knowing that much of the success of our community depends on the quality of our local schools, the Foundation strove to enhance the quality of our educational system by focusing on the people who have the most direct impact on our students – the teachers. Through their efforts and the work of succeeding board members, the Muscogee Educational Excellence Foundation has evolved into one of the leading advocates of excellence in public education in our region. The Foundation’s Board of Directors works diligently to foster innovative and effective teachers through the Teacher of the Year program and the teacher grant program.


2019 Board of Directors

Steve Davis
Dr. Carole RutlandĀ 
Past Chair
Warren Steele
Chair Elect
Allen McMullen
Vice Chair
Christine Hull
Dr. Tom Hackett
TOTY Selection Chair
Brenda Williams

Marquette McKnight
Newt Aaron
Scott Allen
Brian Anderson
Carl Brown
Dr. Jim Buntin
Kia Chambers
Janet Davis
Rita Ellis
Sheryl Green
Kerry Hand
Lorette Hoover
Bob Kidd
Shane Larkin
Dr. Stefan Lawrence
Dr. David Lewis
Mark Littleton
Derek Mann
Bridget Markwood
Linda Nguyen
Dr. John Phillips, Jr.
Josh Reynolds
Keith Seifert
Guy Sims
Richard Smith
Judy Thomas
Rob Ward
Ty Webb
Dr. David White
Len Williams